From Fame to Profits


(T) At the 2006 RSA Security Conference in San Jose, both Bill Gates and John Chambers articulated similar market and product strategies that both aim to increase the security of the computing and networking fabric.

As expected, Microsoft is enhancing the security of both the Client (Vista) and the server (Longhorn) through a number of initiatives, in particular, its new Identity Metasystem, a way in which users and Web sites can more safely and privately trade personal identity information online.

As expected, Cisco is integrating the various security features in routers/switches and network security devices to better cooperate together…leading Cisco to position itself to compete on value versus cost with China Inc.

Besides more security into the fabric, the emerging trends on the attack and defense sides seem to have been clearly articulated.

The new trend in network security on the “attack” side is that the time of Melissa, Code Red and Slammer type of worms are over.

Attacks are now driven by economics and not to make headlines. The goal of the new generation of attacks is to make a profit with a specific target.

On the “defense” side, the trend is about access control and identity management. Microsoft’s Network Access Protection (NAP) and Cisco’s Network Access Control (NAC) are maturing.

Control of who has access and what is being accessed is more and more integrated into the computing and networking operating platform.

And, before enforcing the access, good identity-based systems for applications and networks must be built. Easier said than done.

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