An Insanely Great Piece of Art


(E) There is hype. And, there is the reality. And, in most cases, if you do not pay too much attention, it is hard to distinguish the hype from the reality. And very rarely, when too much hype has been given to a particular event does the reality justifies that hype.

Well…in the case of the iPhone….the reality has been underhyped…and the 15s to the 25s-year-olds are probably not paying too much attention to the iPhone for its hype but for the cool value of the product. And, when you play around with the iPhone…you really got quickly the benefits of the product and you start asking yourself “why on earth somebody did not come up with the iPhone before?”.

Steve Jobs is definitely the most creative CEO on the planet. And, Apple is the driving force for new end-user computing technology.

The iPhone is definitely a great phone. It is definitely a great Internet communication device. And, a great music player.

The beauty of the iPhone is that it got everything that is essential and nothing that is useless. And, like every other product from Steve Jobs…all functions and applications are nicely and powerfully integrated.

The presentation and usability of all applications are so intuitive.  The soft keyboard works fine. And, the iPhone is just a little bit larger than my Blackberry Curve.

I particularly like the usability of the voice mail and the text message system. The browser is so wonderful. It is much easier to access the Web on the iPhone than on my Blackberry Curve. You really can read the New York Times or Le Monde in the morning on your iPhone. And, taking, playing and sending pictures is a pleasure.

Gartner issued a research report stating that the iPhone should be kept out of the corporate enterprise (I wonder if there is anybody who understands technology at Gartner or probably technology is not their business). Well! I disagree with that! The iPhone is both a wonderful personal and business device like my MacBook Pro.

What worries me is how Apple is going to keep up with so many technologies that it created…Because of the iPhone, Apple switched a lot of its development resources. And, a lot of its new coming O/S (Leopard) and applications releases (I cannot wait for the next release of iWeb) are on hold.

Anyway, the best is to play with the iPhone asap. Get to the Apple store on University Ave. in Palo Alto or close to Market St. in San Francisco. Or, if you are in the East Coast, get to the Apple store on Fifth Ave. in New-York which is open 24×7.

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