The Engineers of the Renaissance


(E) Did you know that because he was left-handed, Leonardo Da Vinci often wrote from right to left with reversed or even mirror script? Who would do such a thing? An Engineer! Why? Because for the left-handed Da Vinci, writing from left to right was messy because his hand would smear the ink all the time! In the Kingdom of Engineering, Leonardo Da Vinci would probably be the King. He is the Perfect Engineering Talent. Being always intrigued by the limitations of Mankind. And, trying to solve Mankind limitations with new tools who can help him to meet his fundamental needs such as having always water or to attempt to realize his wildest dreams such as flying like birds. And passionately, continuously, and certainly obsessively, making those tools working and working better, better, and better…Da Vinci, the Renaissance man, the Scientist, the Engineer, the Painter, the Writer…

Thank you so much to the Tech Museum of San Jose to have put the “Leonardo 500 years into the future” exhibition and having extended it until today to discover the Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Renaissance Engineers. Following are a few comments and pictures about some accomplishments of those Beautiful Minds that were presented in the exhibition.

Leonardo Da Vinci
Self portrait.

Human Anatomy
The Vitruvian Man or finding proportions within the human body.


Many Tools to Make Human Life Easier
Each one for a particular use. Each one full of ingenuity.


The Vincian Knot
It blooms like a flower. A deterministic Fractal.


Tracking Time
The planetary clock of Chiaravalle.

Understanding human bipolar vision.

The Dream of Flying
Many attempts. Many failures. But kept trying.


The First Humanoid Robot
An armored robot knight. So, ahead of his time. Unfortunately, that robot was lost.

The Mechanical Lion
Impressing the King of France, Francois the First who invited him to spend the rest of his life at the Chateau D’Amboise where he died.

The Horse for the Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza
A very huge horse in bronze.


The Last Supper
Each disciple has a personality, temperament, reaction, and gesture.

Writing to Keep Knowledge
Many, many notebooks.


Note: More about the Renaissance Engineers at the Florence Institute and Museum of the History of Science.

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