Today La Fete de La Musique in Palo Alto


(E) La Fete de La Musique also known as World Music Day, is a World Wide Music Festival

taking place on June 21st, the summer solstice – the longest day of the year! On this day, streets, sidewalks, parks, gardens, stores, museums, castles and much more become impromptu musical stages in particular for amateur musicians to showcase their unique talents. This is a big popular and free demonstration opened to everyone. 

La Fete de La Musique mixes all kinds of music and addresses all kinds of public. It aims to popularize the musical practice and to familiarize the younger and the less young ones of all social conditions to all musical expressions. It is more than even the occasion for music to talk to us creatively and freely.

The amateur musicians are invited to produce themselves voluntarily. But over the years, La Fete de La Musique has reached the larger professional musical institutions such as orchestras, operas or choirs and has challenged them to expand their repertoires to other musical dimensions.

La Fete de La Musique offers the opportunity to improve the social relationships so much needed in our today lives by proposing some concerts to the city downtowns and their suburbs, to the hospitals or in the prisons.

Launched in France, in 1982, by Culture Minister Jacques Lang, La Fete de La Musique has become a European and Worldwide Tradition, presents today in more than 100 countries on five continents, every June 21st.

New York City held its first festival in 2007.

And, today Sunday, June 21st, 2009 is the first celebration o


f the event in Silicon Valley in Palo Alto from 5 to 8 PM on University Avenue, King Plaza (City Hall), and the surrounding streets.

About 35 professional and amateur musical groups are performing in Palo Alto a wide variety of musical genres on street corners and plazas: jazz, classical, pop, rock, worldmusic, choirs, etc.

This is a fun and unique event!

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