Thinking Green This Holiday Season


(E) I received this weekend some simple and great tips from the San Mateo recycling center to think green this holiday season. Statistics show that during the holidays, household waste increases by 25%, or nearly one million tons of additional garbage a week. Following are a few holiday waste reduction tips:

“Shopping in your hometown can help save gas, time and energy. If every family reduced gasoline consumption by 1 gallon, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one milion tons!

Consolidates your purchases into one bag, or better yet, bring your own reusable tote bag when shopping!

Save a tree by purchasing a living tree. Living trees can be planted before the holiday and enjoyed throughout the year.

If the Internet is accessible, consider sending electronic holiday cards this year. If every family reduced their mailing list by just one card, we would save 50,000 cubic yards of paper!

Favor zero waste gift ideas such as gift certificates, concert tickets, home-baked goodies or potted plants. And wrap your gifts with old wallpaper, fabric or canvas.”

For more holiday recycling ideas:

Recology San Mateo: Recycle:

Note: the picture above is a winery in Napa.

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