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(T) In January 2011, the Corona SDK got an incredible level of attention from game developers, from all over the world, when ABC featured Robert Nay, a 14 years old developer, and his game Bubble Ball.

This week, Ansca Mobile, the company behind the Corona SDK, changed its name to Corona Labs and has been improving over-and-over its SDK, and its resources for its game developer community. Corona Labs was started by two guys in a garage in Palo Alto, CA: Carlos Icaza, the Manager, and Walter Luh, the Architect, who worked together on Flash Lite at Adobe. Corona is basically a cross mobile development platform that provides a full integration with the mobile device’s capabilities such as camera, accelerometer, magnetometer, video player, compass, GPS…

The same code can run natively on multiple mobile platforms without the need for the developer to recompile it. The development is done in Lua which is a very easy scripting language to learn. The SDK is mostly for 2D games, leverages OpenGL graphics, and integrates a fantastic physics engine. The advantages of the Corona platform is a much faster and easier development effort than a native SDK.

Following, as an example, are a few lines of code to demonstrate how to create a slider control:

Corona Labs has been expanded its development platform to enterprise apps, eBooks, and integrating for better game monetization both ad networks and cloud-based analytics.

Following is the complete listing of the APIs of the Corona SDK, and an introduction to the SDK by Walter Luh, himself:


Note: The picture above is the game Bubble Ball.

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