Jeunes diplomès où trouver la securitè de l’emploi?


(B) The famous French newspaper “Le Monde” had an article quite characteristic of the European culture this weekend: “Jeunes diplomès où trouver la securitè de l’emploi?” – “Young graduates where to find job security?”

The article starts with that premise:
“La promesse de la sécurité de l’emploi devient ainsi un facteur d’attractivité important pour les entreprises qui souhaitent recruter des jeunes diplômés inquiets face à la dégradation constante du marché du travail.”
“The promise of job security becomes an important factor for companies that want to recruit graduates worried about the continuing deterioration of the labor market.”

Obviously, most of the companies mentioned in the article (as being attractive to young graduates, because of their ability to offer job security) are state-owned company such as La SNCF, the French railroad company. SNCF does not have any competition, and enjoys a sustainable growth as the train because of its attractive price compared to flying for short distances and its convenience for offering departures and arrivals in the downtown of metropolitan areas makes it attractive transportation means.

Unfortunately, the article does not mention that maybe such trends can only continue to accelerate the deterioration of the labor market.

Young graduates are the ones that can bring to life new innovations, new ideas, new technologies, new services, new start-ups…If instead, they focus on looking for “safety” instead of “opportunity”, the job market is unlikely to grow since they are the ones, and the only ones, who can grow the job market.

Europe why don’t you want to be in the game anymore?

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