Innovation Sandbox at RSA 2013


(B) For the last few years, the RSA Security Conference holds on Monday before the security conference starts, the Innovation Sandbox which showcases a number of emerging security technologies and start-ups. Last year, the winner was Appthority. This year, the winner was Remotium. Following is the complete list of the finalists:

Bromium vSentryTM is a centrally managed security solution for physical and virtual desktops which eliminates costly remediation by automatically discarding malware. Bromium LAVATM (Live Attack Visualization & Analysis) provides detailed insights into attack origin, techniques, and targets.

Light Point Security
Light Point Web Enterprise is a secure web browsing solution to protect enterprises from web-based malware. It isolates each employee’s browsing session within a one-time-use server-based virtual machine that is destroyed immediately after use.

Nok Nok Labs, Inc.
Nok Nok Labs’ solution leverages the existing security capabilities on a user’s device such as a built-in fingerprint sensor, web camera or integrated security chip in order to user-friendly strong authentication to any application, using any authentication method on any device.

PrivateCore’s vCage is the first software to transparently protect any application while in use on commodity x86 servers. By encrypting data during program execution, vCage’s software-only full-
memory encryption protects data from unauthorized physical access and malicious hardware devices.

Remotium, Inc.
Remotium is a mobile security technology that secures corporate assets for the BYOD trend. Remotium solves a host of security problems by using a unique virtual-instance technology that runs mobile applications on public or private clouds and streams the visualization elements to the mobile devices.

Silent Circle
Created by Navy SEALs and Silicon Valley cryptography experts, Silent Circle is a global encrypted communications service offering a comprehensive suite of simple yet secure tools for your mobile devices – encrypted video, phone, text, and email.

Skyhigh Networks Inc.
Skyhigh Networks allows every business to safely and simply leverage cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) by addressing the pain it has with the viral, uncontrolled adoption of cloud services by its employees, especially from personal mobile devices.

Spotflux Inc.
Spotflux is a cloud-based solution for device security and privacy. By protecting and scrubbing internet connectivity using real-time analytics, Spotflux protects PCs, smartphones and tablets with little to no impact on responsiveness or battery life.

Victrio provides powerful new security to financial call centers – it detects fraudsters during calls by silently screening their voice/audio against a fraudster database sourced by historical fraud calls. Once profiled, a fraudster can’t elude Victrio screening.

Wickr, LLC
Wickr is a free app designed to send self-destructing messages and media while leaving no trace. Users send free, anonymous and secure media, including text, photo, video, voice and PDFs to other Wickr users.

Note: The picture above is from the RSA Keynotes.

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