Lean In with Sheryl Sandberg Interviewed at the Computer History Museum by Eric Schmidt


(E) I went yesterday, with my Dearest Friend, at the Computer History Museum listening to Sheryl Sandberg interviewed by Eric Schmidt about Lean In. The event was sold out! And, I was part of the 1% minority of men attending the event. I have never seen Ms. Sandberg before, and I was impressed by her high level of inspiring energy and enthusiasm.

Ms. Sandberg obviously described her Lean In cause, about the status of women in our society, explained in her book. She gave many down-to-earth tips for young women in the audience from how to achieve a greater leadership status, to being smarter in both their day-to-day work and personal life.

Mr. Schmidt had extremely well prepared this interview and injected a delightful but sometimes risky sense of humor into the interview.

It was enchanting to appreciate the tone of the relationship between the two since Ms. Sandberg was interviewed by her old boss while now competing with him.

If I can only take a few quotes from Ms. Sandberg interview…

Women in the workplace:

“I’ve written the book on it and it’s still happening to me!”
“I’m embracing stereotypes…I don’t want to, but that is what’s required until we get many more women leaders.”
“Wake up Silicon Valley. Put more girls into computer camp!”
“Women still pay a penalty for negotiating for themselves.”
“Sheryl Sandberg wants me to ask you (my boss) for a raise.”
“Ask where are my skills needed. Experience is less relevant. Be flexible, adapt.”
“Google is a rocket ship and when you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat.” (advice from Eric Schmidt)

Women outside the workplace:

“The best decision they (women) can make is to pick a good life partner, one who will support them and pick up their share of the workload.”
“Marry someone who wants equality…(including) night feedings, and changing 50% of diapers.”
“Work efficiency grows when you become a mother.”

What’s next:

“We’ve set up a community at LeanIn.org and people are starting circles, even fathers and daughters are starting circles. We’re unleashing a movement.”

Watch the video below for more about what Lean In is all about…

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