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(T) Data mining: it is so much used in our daily life that we do not even realize it! From how products are displayed at Costco, so that we buy more when shopping, to why Chase might offer or not us a loan, to how Amazon is recommending us new books to buy, to how Yelp is helping us choosing a gardener, and last but certainly not least how Google is searching for information about the Internet and everyone on the planet!

As we put more and more of our data into the cloud, and more of that data is unstructured (e.g. not easily stored in a database), data mining techniques are obviously becoming more sophisticated, to say the least.

So to be more knowledgeable about data mining, I decided to attend a talk, at the Silicon Valley IEEE Computer Society, from Junling Hu, an ex-data mining scientist from eBay, and the author of an upcoming book: Data Mining in Practice at O’Reilly Media.

Following is the presentation of Ms. Hu, co-authored with Patricia Hoffman, which summarizes most of the present data mining techniques – machine Learning, stream mining, recommender system, graph mining, unstructured data, big data – as well as their uses in real-world applications: talk_IEEEcs_May2013

And to learn more, Ms. Hung has as well a blog that is worth bookmarking about data mining: www.

Note 1: Data mining research at Google:

Note 2: The picture above is from a garden in Monaco.

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