Why not an Agriculture that is Natural Bioregional and Sustainable?


(E) The New York Times has published today a great article about how Florida citrus growers are trying to producing new oranges by modifying their DNA.

Why would they do that?

Because worldwide orange trees are affected by a new type of disease called citrus greening for which no solution yet has been found. But is producing genetically modified (GMO) oranges, that will not be sensitive to that new disease, the right response to that problem and other similar problems to come in the future? Or should we better spend our efforts instead in planning and building an agriculture that is natural, bioregional and sustainable for the long run.

I let you think about it. The comments to the article are worthwhile to read: A Race to Save the Orange by Altering its DNA.

Note: The picture above is one of my orange trees in my garden.

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