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(T) This weekend, at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, 5,000 Silicon Valley engineers will attend Code Camp. Certainly the biggest code camp in the world! A great place to learn from other developers the latest in software engineering for UI/UX, mobile, cloud…An event that you cannot miss.

Following is a message about the sessions from Peter Kellner, Silicon Valley Code Camp Coordinator:

“We are excited to have many outstanding sessions from top technical speakers in the world.  Below, I’ve listed a few of them on Saturday with brief summaries of their talks.  With 185 speakers total, you will have a lot to choose from beyond what is listed below.

 Douglas Crockford and Functional Programming  Functional programming have been around for a very long time but only recently has it been taking its proper place in practical programming.  Instead of his normal reflections on a JavaScript type presentation, Douglas will be teaching us how to use this skill in the JavaScript world.  Douglas is the author of JSON and has written one of the best technical books ever – JavaScript: The Good Parts. I can’t think of anyone better to teach functional programming (9:45 AM Saturday to lunch).

 Mark Miller Explores Great UI’s  Mark is one of the most charismatic speakers I know as well as one of the most capable engineers I’ve ever met.  As Chief Architect of Developer ExpressIDE Tools Division, Mark has seen it all.  Come to this session and prepare to be both entertained as well as schooled on great UI’s (9:45 Saturday to lunch).

 Joe Wells, VP and Fellow at Intuit on HTML5 Real World  Joe, as Vice President in charge of Quickbooks Online, had to solve the most difficult and challenging problems associated with both the technical challenges of moving a Java non-internet based app to HTML5, as well as the team changes necessary to adopt the web technologies.  Joe’s insights will be invaluable for anyone involved with LOB apps and trying to bring those to the web.  This will be a ‘can’t-miss session’ (1:45 Saturday).

 Gayle McDowell On Cracking the Code Interview  Gayle is on track to be the most popular speaker at code camp for 2 years running.  Gayle, an accomplished author (Cracking the Code Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions) and a speaker will give real-world advice on how to navigate the world of interviewing for top companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.  If you ever think you will interview again, I would not miss this session (3:30 Saturday).

 Jonathan LeBlanc From PayPal Talks OAuth2 As developers, we all have to deal with 3rd party authentication.  Obviously, PayPal is a huge player in this field and hearing about best practices and mechanics from Jonathan (an O’Reilly author and head of PayPal’s Evangelism NA team) will give you a big step up on making world-class apps.  Another don’t miss (5 PM Saturday).

 Juval Lowy on Software Project Design Juval, who has participated in many Microsoft internal strategic design reviews, is an expert both at software architecture as well as breakthrough project design.  Juval, in addition to being a brilliant engineer, is an engaging speaker who will keep you on your toes every minute of the presentation.  Expect to leave thinking about problems you did not even know you had. Another don’t miss session (5 PM Saturday).

Of course, with 100 other sessions, these just touch the tip of the iceberg!  Check out our full schedule, as well as a video on the best ways to navigate the 230 sessions we have over the weekend.”

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Note: The picture above is from SV Code Camp 2011.

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