Art Technology and the Human Condition


(E) “Aujourd’hui Maman est morte” – “Today, Mother died”. The first sentence of “The Stranger” was very original for the beginning of a novel when it was published and has not been translated properly in English for a very long time! We all know that leading writers, philosophers, and artists are innovators. But it is only after the fact that we realized how innovators, they were. And with innovation comes changes as it does in technology. But what Albert Camus, whose persistent efforts to “illuminate the problem of the human conscience in our time” made him win the Nobel Prize in Literature, would say about the present state of the technology that is changing mankind himself and his natural environment? I let you think about this question…

“Art Technology and the Human Condition” was a presentation from Professor Anais Saint-Jude from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, part of one of the many Camus exhibitions that are taking place right now in Silicon Valley, supported by the Alliance Francaise of Silicon Valley (AFSCV). I attended it at Gunn High School in Palo Alto this week.

The digital exhibit, produced by the Institut Français, celebrates the centennial birth of the most translated French author. It offers seven-poster displays that provide a remarkable insight into Camus’ life and work.

For the complete schedule of the Albert Camus exhibition in Silicon Valley and presentations, please see the following page of the AFSCV.

Note: The picture above is the cover of Albert Camus’ book Algerian Chronicles.

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