IBM Bullish on Africa


(B) I was not surprised to hear that IBM CEO Virginia Rometty, interviewed on CNBC yesterday, considered that cloud and data are key to the present growth of IBM. I was not surprised to hear that Ms. Rometty considered that Watson is a long-term strategic bet for IBM. But I was delighted to hear that as Watson, Ms. Rometty considered Africa to be a long-term strategic bet also! The only other CEO that I have ever heard appreciating the long-term potential of Africa is Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault Nissan.

The following is what Ms. Romety said:

“Africa: Over 400 companies. Over $1 billion in size. You’ve got a workforce that in the next 15 years will exceed China’s. If you take its middle class, bigger than India’s already…You will see government changes, without political instability…You know, in different degrees, you’ll always still have issues, but boy, I’m bullish on the long-term of Africa.”

Full interview available here.

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