Less Expensive to Manufacture in the US


(B) This is not a new fact but it is interesting to hear it from Walmart, a company that knows how to find the cheapest suppliers: For the first time ever, we’ve invited anybody who makes or assembles a product in the U.S. to come and show what they have and we’ve seen exciting products already in the day. Economics are starting a generational shift with the labor components rising in Asia, demand for products rising in Asia, transportation costs increasing, and lower energy costs domestically, there are product categories that are already less expensive to manufacture in the U.S. That old notion that it’s going to be more expensive because it’s made in the U.S. is not the right one anymore. We’re seeing products that are the same price or less than those manufactured outside of the U.S.”

I wish lower domestic energy costs will not be due to the expansion of oil shale, which is not very much friendly for the environment, to say the least.

The video of the full interview is available here.

Note: The picture above is “The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World”.

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