Prof. Mirzakhani Avila Bhargava and Hairer Winning the 2014 Fields Medals


(E) We only hear about great mathematicians when they receive their Fields Medals or they solve a challenging problem. This year winners of the Fields Medals, awarded to the new generation of mathematicians, have just been announced and one of them is a woman! Professor Maryam Mirzakhani from Stanford University for her work on beautiful and complex abstract surfaces. Professor Artur Avila from Rio de Janeiro Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada and Paris Diderot University for his work on chaos theory. Professor Majul Bhargava from Princeton University for his work on number theory. And, Professor Martin Hairer from the University of Warwick for his work on stochastic analysis.

UCLA (and also a Fields Medals winner) Professor Terence Tao has written a summary article, as he did four years ago, on the research of Mirzakhani, Avila, Bhargava, and Hairer.

About their work from the International Mathematical Union:
The work of Maryam Mirzakhani
The work of Artur Avila
The work of Manjul Bhargava
The work of Martin Hairer

About who they are and what they did from Quanta Magazine:
A Tenacious Explorer of Abstract Surfaces
A Brazilian Wunderkind Who Calms Chaos
The Musical, Magical Number Theorist
In Noisy Equations, One Who Heard Music

Mathematics is still essential for science and technology to progress, A Silicon Valley Insider.

Note 1: The video above is one of the four of Quanta Magazine – watch all of them!

Note 2: The picture above is Billiards and Riemann surfaces, a subject of great interest of Professor Mirzakhani.

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