The Search is On


(E)  Following is a message that I received from the Climate Reality Project and that I would like to share with everyone: This fall, a group of young people between the ages of 13-21 will attend the United Nations Climate Summit and ask the world’s leaders what they’re going to do about climate change.

The search is on to find them.

Vice President Gore emailed yesterday inviting you or a young person you know to submit a video asking a Why? or Why not? question about climate change. Share this link with every young person you know — or if you’re between 13-21 years old, submit one yourself.

The winners will fly to New York City to attend the U.N. Climate Summit on September 23 and have their question asked on the world’s stage.

We’ve already received many smart and insightful questions — check them out:


Climate change threatens our planet, the world economy, and our lives — and it will impact young people the most. It’s only fair that they get a chance to demand answers and action from the leaders who are responsible for protecting their future.”

Note: The picture above is from the Climate Reality Project.

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