We Are Losing the Battle Against the Ebola Virus!


(E) Everyone knows about it. We are losing the battle against the Ebola virus. However, instead of taking that challenge seriously, we seem to have been indifferent and complacent. Docteur Sans Frontieres’ International President Dr. Joanne Liu briefed earlier this month the United Nations about it:

“This is a transnational crisis, with social, economic and security implications for the African continent.

It is your historic responsibility to act.

We cannot cut off the affected countries and hope this epidemic will simply burn out. To put out this fire, we must run into the burning building.”

Today, Dr. Joanne Liu published another article: A concrete response to the Ebola outbreak cannot wait.

Note: The picture above is Dr. Joanne Liu visiting the Ebola treatment center in Kailahun, Sierra Leone – taken by P.K. Lee/MSF.

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