Transforming the Customer Experience


(B) Most of the early waves of new technology have been adopted and developed by businesses. Since 2000, early adoption of new technologies has shifted from businesses to consumers. Enterprises and governments are now embracing technologies that are first discovered and used by consumers, that is every one of us, outside the boundaries of our daily work activities. As a consequence, the next wave of technology could be at the intersection of businesses and consumers when businesses are selling to consumers and consumers buying from businesses. From recommender systems to iBeacon and drones, the spectrum of new technologies is deeply transforming the customer experience.

I found that new Pampered Chef’s CEO Tracy Britt Cool from Warren Buffett’s team expressed that very well in a recent interview on CNBC:

What will define the future of business?

“Over the next 25 years, technology is going to be a critical component of a business, and not just traditional IT and fulfillment centers, but it’s the whole customer experience and personalization and tools that companies can offer to help improve the customer experience. I’m very excited about the future. There will be lots of changes, new businesses and businesses disrupting existing business … tremendous opportunity to work across borders. … It makes sense, given a global population, we’re more connected now than we’ve ever been. … It will be amazing to watch what unfolds.”

Note: The picture above is Tracy Britt Cool.

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