Another Military-Grade Malware – Not a Good Thing!


(T) Both Symantec and Kaspersky have disclosed their findings of Regin – the latest discovered military-grade surveillance malware. Symantec has published a good white paper about the capabilities and the architecture of the malware. The clear goal of Regin is long-term intelligence gathering. Regin can adapt itself to the target with customized features. It does a great job to hide both its presence and its actions.

The threat occurs in six-stage components which are depending on each other. The first stage is not encrypted and establishes the installation and configuration of the malware’s internal services. The following five stages are encrypted and bring the main payloads of the threat.

Military-grade malware started with Stuxnet. And then, came DuquFlameGaussRed OctoberCareto …and now Regin. Not a good thing!


Note : The picture above is from Le Louvre.

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