The Impact of the Facebook News Feed on Your Life


(T)  Social networks like computer networks can be considered in a simplified way as having both a connection and application layers. The connection layer in a computer network aims to transport bit from one point to another point. When that exchange of data is possible, network protocols and application data can be exchanged on that layer. A social network can be mathematically viewed as a graph, with individuals as nodes and relationships as edges, and described with a number of properties: clusters/communities, centrality/nodal power, degree distributions… When we understand the connections of the social network, we can now assess its applications: how the usage of the network shapes our personal decisions and how we shape other decisions.

To learn about the connections between nodes (the connection layer) in social networks

Facebook Graph Theory, Jesse Farmer, 20bits Part IPart II, and Part III
Spectra of graphs, Professor Andries E. Brouwer, Eindhoven University of Technology and Professor Willem H. Haemers, Tilberg University
Mining social-network graphs, Professor Jure Leskovec, Stanford University

To learn about the influence on us and how we influence others (the application layer) in social networks

The hidden influence of social networksProfessor Nicholas Christakis, Yale University

Following another lecture by Professor Nicholas Christakis on how our life and decisions can be influenced by our presence on social networks:

Note: The picture above is from my Facebook news feed.

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