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(E) Qu’il fait bon de vivre à San Francisco si vous aimez l’art! How nice is it to live in San Francisco if you love art! In less than three months, violinist lovers have the opportunity to listen at the SF Symphony to Annie-Sophie Mutter playing the Brahms concerto, Joshua Bell playing the Beethoven concerto, and Janine Jensen playing the Mendelssohn concerto. The last time, that Annie-Sophie Mutter came to the Symphony was in 2009 and she played the Mendelssohn concerto. The Mendelssohn concerto is a favorite of both Annie-Sophie Mutter and Janine Jensen. Joshua Bell has come regularly to the Symphony over the last few years. And, I wish that Sarah Chang and Hilary Hahn would come more often!

This year, Anne-Sophie Mutter proposed for one of her concerts Ye-Eun Choi, a young artist that she is mentoring. Anne-Sophie Mutter had herself been mentored by Herbert von Karajan.

What makes a musician unique is the personality of her interpretation. After mastering challenging techniques and making the violin playing a full spectrum of emotions, a great musician obviously “put” herself into the music.

It is always interesting to feel the differences between young musicians and more experienced ones. Young musicians play with their energy, their passion, and their dreams. Older musicians play with their techniques, their experiences, and their disillusions.

Young musicians play more with their hearts while experienced ones play more with their souls…

For your enjoyment

Ye-Eun Choi on Sound Cloud:

Sarah Chang playing the Sibelius Violin Concerto:

Hilary Hahn playing Bach Partita #2:

Anne-Sophie Mutter playing the Mozart Violin Concerto #5:

Janine Jansen playing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto:

Note: The picture above is Ye-Eun Choi.

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