Reducing Water Consumption by 35% from 2013


(E) I went a few weeks ago to a meeting organized by CalWater in an elementary school in Atherton where I learned that I have to reduce, like everyone else in the Bear Gulch District, my water consumption by 35% from where it was in 2013. Starting in July of this year, every household in my district will have an average budget of 24 CCF(Centum Cubic Feet).

Welcome to the new world of global warming!

Now, not only Sub-Saharan African countries and some beautiful islands in the Pacific had to mitigate the effects of global warming but also California!

And while this is happening, Silicon Valley is still no investing and developing any technology to save, clean and distribute water.

Silicon Valley should be the new worldwide center of Water Tech!

Note: The picture above is my new Manzanita, a native California tree from the Santa-Cruz Mountains, that can survive this year drought.

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