The Latest in Web Technology: Design with Performance, Angular 2, React, Falcor, CSS 4, Node…


(T) I attended last month the HTML 5 Autumn 2015 DevConf at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. There were many interesting talks and presentations, and it was a nice way to network with many Web front-end and full-stack developers. Following are a few technologies and presentations that caught my attention:

 Web Performance Engineer Steve Souders did a presentation about design and performance, available on his Web site

Michael Jackson from ReactJSTraining did a fantastic presentation about Facebook cross-platform UI JS framework: React

Microsoft Developer Evangelist’s Doris Chen did a presentation about “Building Web Sites that work Everywhere

Jeff Hussein from Netflix did a presentation about Falcor, a Netflix open source JS framework for efficient data fetching 

Daniel Austin from GRIN Technologies did a presentation about HTTP/2

Of course a few talks about Angular 2 and Typescript and the latest Node.js

And…CSS 4 is coming – following are the specs from W3C

Note: The picture above is the logo of the HTML5 Developer Conference.

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