Autonomous Cars: AI Killer App?


(T) In Silicon Valley, you learned more by meeting people in an informal setting, than through business meetings and conferences. A friend of mine invited me yesterday to a party. And, I met there a gentleman who told me the full story, with many “juicy details”, about the early phases of the DARPA Grand Challenge for autonomous vehicles, the early prototypes made by Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon, and how Google and more recently Uber hired the research and engineering teams of both Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

The challenge of moving AI from research to applications in the 80s was that there were no mainstream killing applications. But in autonomous vehicles, AI is the key driver to disrupt the very old car industry. Elon Musk is likely to be right. Opportunities can arise in legacy industries ready to be disrupted.

To learn more about sensing, mapping and machine learning for autonomous cars, see the following talk from Amnon Shashua, Computer Science Professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as well as co-founder of both Mobileye and Orcam:

Note: The picture above is a Packart Clipper.

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