So Many AI and ML Product Announcements from the Big Players…


(T) There are so many AI and ML product announcements from the largest tech companies, that it is hard to keep up – competitive technology advantages are going to erode quickly:

  • Google launching Google Assistant for Google Home, a voice-activated speaker, similar to Amazon Echo
  • Google launching Cloud Machine Learning as also did Amazon with AWS and Microsoft with Azure
  • Salesforce is introducing Einstein to make CRM smarter
  • nVidia is launching Xavier, a SoC with GPU and a computer vision accelerator for autonomous transportation – see the blog article
  • Samsung acquired Viv Labs, the team who created Siri – see the press release
  • Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft come together to create the Partnership on AI – see partnership on AI

Note: The picture above is Einstein from Salesforce 2016 Dreamforce conference.

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