Data Science for Sustainability


(T) There are many data science meet-ups in the Bay Area mostly about the latest algorithms and tools, but very few are focusing on a specific application domain such as “Data Science for Sustainability”.

Data Science for Sustainability is a series of monthly seminars, addressing questions such as:

  • What data feeds can improve supply chain sustainability?
  • How can fault detectors be applied to agricultural water conservation?
  • In what ways can buildings energy efficiency be automated?
  • How can cell-phone data inform transport planning?

Amongst our membership is product managers, investors, engineers, founders and, of course, data scientists. We book speakers who can describe both the broad challenges and the technical details. We meet the first week of every month in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Current organizers of this meet-up are Joe Kwiatkowski (Tesla), Sylvia Smullin (Google X), Puneeth Kalavase (Stem), and Mimi Zhang (Silver Spring Networks).

Big data has now an impact on many industries, and sustainability is an important one of them. So if you are a data scientist in the Bay Area, check out the next data science meet-up for sustainability, and please contribute to advance that field.

Note: The picture above is a community event organized by Recology San Mateo about recycling.

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