The First Solar Road


(T) While Elon Musk recently announced Telsa’s first solar roof titles in Southern California, the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royale, announced at the end of this year the first solar road…

“Over 2,800 m2, some photovoltaic panels were glued to the road asphalt. Within this coating, the silicon wafers generating the current are coated in a protective resin which makes them capable of supporting the weight of any type of vehicle, including heavy trucks, while ensuring good adhesion between the tires and the road.

The generated electricity is routed to the local distribution power network. An area of 20 m2 is enough to supply a home with electricity (excluding heating) and one km of the road provides the equivalent of the consumption of street lighting in a city of 5,000 inhabitants.”

A video about the announcement:


Note: The picture above is the solar road from Tourouvre-au-Perche.

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