The Cryptographers Panel


(T) This week was the RSA Security Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Most of the session videos are online. If you do not have the time to watch them, as always I recommend to watch at least the Cryptographers Panel.

Key takeaways from this year include:

  • AI: mostly for defense, not offense – for profiling system behaviors

  • Quantum computing: algorithms are developed too fast – public encryption will be broken by new maths, not by quantum computers

  • Election integrity: post audits are critical

  • iPhone encryption: security researchers from Cambridge University were able to get in with $100 equipment purchased on eBay

  • Partial differential privacy: keeping the user unknown by altering part of the data – started to be used by Apple and Google

  • Security research is a worldwide effort

  • Unsecured IoT devices should not be connected to the Internet – governments should implement adequate regulations

  • Better ROI by investing in safe code development than in security infrastructure

Note: The picture above is from the RSA Security Conference in the Moscone Center.

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