An Easy Way to Find What you Want to See in a Video


(T) I had the opportunity to see, last month at the Scaled Machine Learning conference at Stanford University, an impressive demo from Professor Reza Zadeh from Stanford University about Matroid, a new computer vision start-up. Professor Zadeh and his team have developed at Matroid, a Web platform to help you find what you want to see in a video using some easy-to-use detectors that you can create, and or re-use from other users.

Matroid has already a large number of detectors to find people, animals, objects, places…into a given video. You just need to upload the video to Matroid.

Matroid leverages convolutional neural networks (CNN) developed with Google TensorFlow and deployed running TensorFlow workers via Kubernetes.

Following is a quick video of the product:

So if you want to create your own detector, just create an account with Matroid and play with the application.

Note: The picture above is the logo of Matroid.

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