Dropmi – Sending and receiving packages at the price you think is right!


(E) Imagine if you could use your smartphone to send and receive same-day packages with your friends and customers, at the price of your choice. And that you could also send someone to pick-up packages on your behalf from a friend or a business, and deliver it back to you.

This is what Dropmi can do for you:)

Dropmi matches shippers with commuters already traveling along the same path of their package deliveries, and who don’t mind taking a package along for a small fee. If the commuters think the package is priced too low, however, they too can give a counter offer with what they think is fair. Dropmi will always guide both parties with what prices are reasonable, and will even give a real-time acceptance probability meter as they’re setting their prices!

Dropmi’s idea was born out of complete necessity. It all started when a friend and now partner of Tarek Sakr, Dropmi CEO, was trying to create a small business that catered certain specialty ethnic desserts to customers all over the Bay Area. The customers absolutely loved her desserts, but the ones living far away couldn’t order unless the desserts were delivered to them.

So Tarek had the idea that he could make use of the fact that his friends already commute daily to jobs all over the Bay, and he started creating a very primitive database of their commutes. The logistics were soon getting very complicated, and it was clear that first a much more sophisticated solution was needed, and second that many other small businesses might also need the same solution.

And so Tarek started Dropmi for his friend and for everyone else. Dropmi’s vision is to enable small businesses to reach a much larger customer base than the one they are currently limited to.

Dropmi has about 500 commuters covering the entire San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Modesto, Santa Cruz, and Gilroy. Dropmi will cover all California by the first quarter of 2018.

Since the product launch, thousands of consumers have been using Dropmi to deliver computer repairs, 3D printing jobs, catering, CSA boxes, backpacks, and even clothes.

Shipments have averaged on about $0.7 per mile, which is incredibly lower than any other same-day delivery service that currently exists.

So if you need to ship something today, visit: https://dropmi.com or download the Dropmi app from the Apple store: http://goo.gl/EEfYvP

Note: The picture above is from Dropmi.com.

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