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(T) This week Uber had its Elevate Summit conference to announce its vision for “urban air mobility”. This week also, Silicon Valley startup Kitty Hawk, partly funded by Google Larry Page, released a video of a flying car. This follows many other announcements such as Airbus revealing a self-piloting flying car prototype last month at the Geneva Motor Show, or AeroMobil an Eastern European start-up announcing the availability of its flying cars, that can pre-ordered for 1.2 to 1.5 M euros, for the end of this year.

I sure cannot wait to see how large aerospace incumbents and new start-ups will be provided to us those vertical takeoffs and landing vehicles (VTOL) so that I can avoid Silicon Valley traffic from Palo Alto to San Francisco :).

For fun….

Bloomberg technology:

Flying Taxis Will Be More Like Taking the Bus – It’s no longer a dream, but physics, safety, cost, and utility still stand between you and the reality

Airbus and Italdesign’s Pop.Up System:

Web Site: Italdesign


Web site: AeroMobile flying car

Kitty Hawk Flyer:

Web site: Kitty Hawk

Other start-ups:


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Note: The picture above is from Airbus.

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