Madame Veil


(E) Great political leaders are the ones that will have or had a long-term impact on the well-being of a nation and its citizens. Their policies and actions created the best possible outcomes for their citizens despite many challenging environments and obstacles that had to be overcome. They had the courage and the integrity to stand up for what they believe is or was right for their country.

Simone Veil was one of the few French Jews who survived Auschwitz. She symbolized by her fights the progress of women’s rights and was one of the early leaders of the construction of Europe. She will without a doubt be remembered as a great political leader.

Madame Veil was a strong character shaped by the vicissitudes of an early painful life. She was a free and ardent spirit attached to humanitarian values and democratic principles. She was an independent woman resistant to any conformism.

Simon Veil was an exceptional Lady who won the hearts of her fellow French and European citizens and will continue to inspire us forever.

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Note: The picture above is Simone Veil.

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