Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noel


(E) “This Christmas, I am going to be home. And, I wanted to ask where is Home for you? What things do you think of when I say the word Home? Do you think of a small town or the big city? Maybe your backyard! I am coming Home. Whether you live at the beach, in San Francisco, NYC or Paris. There is no place like Home. Home is in the heart. Home to me is laughing, dancing, playing, cooking, gardening, reading, writing, thinking! Home is in a Poem. Home is in a Song. Home is in a Prayer. Home is hugging a best friend. Home is building a family. Home is building the world. As we envisioned it. This is my Home. And, I am coming Home for Christmas. Wishing you a Merry Christmas whatever is your religion! Joyeux Noel!”

Adapted from a poem from Christine from Happy Slip.  Enjoy her wonderful video with music by Josh Verdes:

Note: The picture above is une buche de Noel.

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