We Still Have Not Made any Drastic Changes Required to Win Over Climate Change


(E) The earth is transforming itself much faster than we are acting to mitigate climate change. Another summer. And, new record high temperatures. And, more wildfires destroying the world’s largest forests.

New record for the temperature in Paris: 42.4 Celsius = 108.68 Fahrenheit. It used to be that the best times to visit Paris were Spring and Summer. That’s was the past. Now, it will be Fall and Winter.




And, while there is warm weather in Western Europe, the wild and huge forests of Russia and Brazil that should be the engines for restoring climate balance to the planet, are burning. They themselves are turning into a cause of climate change.

Siberian wildfires have reached the size of Danemark, as reported by the media:





And, the deforestation of the Amazon was up 88.9% compared to a year ago as reported by many news media:




And,  by accelerating climate change, world food supply is at risk:


But besides all of that, we still have not made the drastic changes required to win over climate change.

As United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently stated:

  • “We are in a race for our lives and we are losing. The window of opportunity is closing — we no longer have the luxury of time, and climate delay is almost as dangerous as climate denial.”


Note: The pictures above are from the French newspaper “Le Monde”.

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