Google Brain Research in 2019


(T) As he did since 2017, Jeff Dean, the tech lead of the Google Brain Team and probably one of the most famous Silicon Valley engineers, shared some of the key achievements of his team for 2019 in a recent blog post:

I would recommend everyone interesting in machine and deep learning to thoroughly read that blog post.

Below is a brief summary of the applications and technologies discussed in the post:

Core applications

  • Ethical use of AI
  • AI for social good
  • Health care
  • More intelligent phones
  • Assistive technology (vision, hearing, speech)

Core technologies

  • Federated learning
  • Graph mining
  • Market algorithm
  • Model parallelism
  • AutoML
  • NLP (Transformer, BERT, Transformer-XL, ALBERT)
  • Machine perception
  • Quantum computing
  • Robotics
  • Open data sets

Reference: Google Brain Research in 2018

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