Agroecology Practices for Feeding the World!


(E) Félix Noblia, a farmer in South France, is testing many alternative agricultural practices: enhancing the soil, raising cows on pasture or combining crops, valued soils, agriculture without synthetic pesticides …

Here are his farming techniques in the heart of the Basque Country:

One of Félix’s techniques is dynamic rotating grazing. To offer his cows quality grass, he divided his plot into different zones so that the soil had time to regenerate. The key is higher carbon uptake by the soil, better water storage, and meat rich in Omega 3.

According to him, changing large-scale farming practices could solve the problems caused by global warming. To do this, the farmer uses already known techniques, which he brings up to date.

For him, two agricultural models are opposed, one based on soil preservation, and the other based on organic farming. Its long-term ambition is to combine organic farming practices with soil preservation.



Note: The picture above is a picture of Félix Noblia’s farm.

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