Second Scaled Machine Learning Conference @ the Computer History Museum

(T) This week, I had the opportunity to attend for the fourth time, the fifth Scaled Machine Learning conference that was held for the second time at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Organized by Professor Reza Zadeh from Stanford University, and his computer vision venture Matroid, the speakers are some of the leading minds in the field, but every talk was quite understandable (at least the concepts).

Following is the introduction for a few selected talks with the video of the presentation:

Oren Etzioni – AI and the Future of Humanity

Andrej Karpathy – AI for Full-Self Driving at Tesla

Ilya Sutskever – The Power of Large Scale Generative Models and RL

Franćois Chollet – Keras: The Next Five Years

Mohamed Fawzy – Distributed Training at Facebook Scale

Joshua Bloom – Towards Physics-Informed ML Inference in Astrophysics

Peter Mattson – MLPerf: Driving Innovation by Measuring Performance

Note: The picture above is the painting “two young girls at the piano” from Auguste Renoir.

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