COVID-19 – Day 119: Understanding the Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2


(E) The New Yorker has published a thorough interview –  Understand the Novel Coronavirus – with Justin Lessler, an associate professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“How has our understanding of the coronavirus changed during the past month or so, and in what ways?
I think in a number of ways. Some of it has just been confirming some things we suspected from sars and other coronaviruses but were not sure of. For instance, we have a much better grasp of what we were not sure of. For instance, we have a much better grasp of what the incubation period is now (an average of five days) and the generation time, which is the time between when a person is infected and when they infect somebody else (around six days). We are starting to learn a lot more about how infectious it is and the context in which it is infectious. We had signals of this a month ago, but now it is very clear that the age distribution of death and severe outcomes are stark, with older adults having quite high mortality rates, and young kids basically not dying at all. But we do now know that kids get infected. It was unclear why there weren’t cases before, but now we are relatively confident that they are getting infected. They just aren’t getting sick.”

Note 1: I will consider that Day 0 is around November 15th 2019, as a few recent papers consider the beginning of the pandemic in November 2019.

Note 2: The picture above is the coronavirus.

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