Covid-19 – Day 125: Giving Oxygene to Covid-19 Patients


(E) The arenicola marina (or lugworm or sandworm) has a blood structure that is comparable to human hemoglobin but according to Hemarina, a French biotech start-up, it differs in three ways:

  • Its extra-cellular nature (it is not contained in a red blood cell), and therefore universal (compatibility with all blood groups)
  • Its ability to bind 40 times more oxygen than human hemoglobin
  • Its particularly reduced size: 250 times smaller than the human red blood cell

Hermina’s platform, Hemo2life, is designed to facilitate organ transplants by providing oxygen to the grafts. Oxygen is the heart of the problem when it comes to treating Covid-19 patients with respiratory failures.


And, so Hermarina is moving at the speed of light to adapt Hemo2life for treating patients with Covid-19.

Note: The picture above is from Hermina.

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