The Lady who Whispers in Chimpanzees’ Ears

(E) After dedicating her life to studying primates and a huge career that began very early in Kenya, the famous British ethologist Dr. Jane Goodall is urging us to take action for a greener economy. This Saturday April 3rd, she will celebrate her 87 years. She has forever changed the way we look at chimpanzees. Jane Goodall has helped us to build a huge knowledge of the social behaviors of large primates. By observing them first, then gradually, getting closer until you can embrace them.

According to Cyril Dion, interviewed in a news report from France TV, the movie producer of Tomorrow and Animal, “Jane in the 60s was one of the first to demonstrate that the border that we put between us and animals is much thinner than what we imagine”.

Now Jane Goodall has become a source of inspiration for all of us.

Through her foundation, Jane Goodall Institute, she tries to help the environmental cause: “You have to be careful about everything you buy, where it comes from, how it is made, what impact it has on the environment and did it hurt any animals”. The ball is now in the human court.

Note 1: Cyril Dion’s movie Animal:

Note 2: The picture above is Jane Goodall with a baby chimpanzee.

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