The Rebirth of the California Condor, Threatened with Extinction 40 Years Ago

(E) With the disastrous effect of climate change, there are so many endangered species. See the picture below for the predictions of the United Nations on how climate change will destroy the habitats for the mammals:

But here is an encouraging story that shows that endangered species can be saved if we want it…

The rebirth of the condor, threatened with extinction 40 years ago” (Translated from France Info):

“In California, the condor could have disappeared in the 70s, due to pollution. Today, more than 300 condors are freely flying not only in California, but also in Mexico, Utah, and Arizona.

The condor was saved by the California Condor Recovery Program from the US Fish and Wildlife Service (And, I wish that the US Fish and Wildlife Service could be more proactive and receive more funding).

Once every six months, biologists come in groups to the Bitter Creek refuge on the high plains of California. Inside an aviary, condors will soon be released into the wild. With their three-meter wingspan, they are difficult to catch. Only two species exist on earth: the condors of the Andes and those of California. They are handled like living treasures by the scientists. “

Their necks and beaks are very powerful, to be able to tear the head off carcasses,” says Arianna Punzalan, chief biologist. Blood tests, beacon laying, and wound care, the emblematic birds will be monitored throughout their lives. At the end of the 1970s, victims of pollution, the species was dying out. “This program is certainly unique. In the 1980s, the 23 birds surviving in the wild were all captured and placed in a rescue program in captivity”, explains the biologist.

Note: The picture above is from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

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