Ukraine, Taiwan, Iran and The San Francisco Bay Area Winter Drought

(E) The San Francisco Bay Area is in a serious drought! It rains in November and December but we did not have any rain in January and in February. The last time I remember a winter drought like this one was in 2013, when it rained in mid-November and we had no rain for the months of December, January, and I believe most of February.

Instead of the fire seasons starting in July and ending in Thanksgiving, it might unfortunately start sooner this year.

Welcome to the world of Climate Crisis, and get used to it, as the world is doing basically nothing to reduce its production and consumption of fossil fuels!

Instead, conflicts between nations continue: Ukraine, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Iran, Ethopia, Yemen…

How many people died in the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria? Over a million!

Since 9/11, the U.S has spent $6.4 trillions on the war most of it in Irak, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Imagine what we could have done with the people that lost their lives, and that money to fight the climate crisis!

How many lives will be lost in the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the invasion of Taiwan by China, and a war between Iran and Israel?

How much those wars will cost?

Note: The picture above is an orange tree in my garden waiting for the rain.

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