Dark Matter in the Disordered Cosmos

(T) Stanford University’s KIPA – Kavli Institute for particle astrophysics and cosmology – had its first public in-person lecture last month. The topics was “Dark Matter in the Disordered Cosmos”. And, the presenter was Professor Prescod-Weinstein.

Below is the abstract and the video of the lecture:

“Today, we know that everything visible in the universe is made from a set of basic building blocks known as elementary particles. We call this picture the standard model of particle physics, and we understand it in great mathematical detail. Comprehending the standard model is an enormous achievement – but we are now certain that it describes very little of what’s out there. In this talk, Professor Prescod-Weinstein will discuss the effort to understand dark matter and how this work can help motivate us to build a better world.

Note: The picture above is une Élysée.

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