Le Goût des Merveilles

(E) The Alliance Française of Silicon Valley is a wonderful place to learn about the French language and the French culture. They have many classes for all ages, book reading clubs, and organized many workshops such as “La construction de Paris – de la Révolution à nos jours“, “Le paris Noir: Josephine Baker, from dancer to icon” or, “The Americans on the French Riviera“.

One of my favorite events of the AFSV is its ciné-club organized by Professor Hélène Laroche Davis, who studied at La Sorbonne and at Stanford, and teaches French literature and French cinéma.

The movies are generally presented at the end of the month at the Emerson School, 2800 W. Bayshore, in Palo Alto, start with a reception, which includes French food and wine, and are followed by a passionate and educative discussion about the movie led by Hélène.

Following are a few movies presented this year that I enjoyed particularly:

Le Goût des merveilles:

Ne le dis à personne:

Les femmes du 6e étage:


8 Rue de l’Humanité:

See my previous blog post on that movie.


Cyrano de Bergerac:

Note: The picture above is from the film “le goût des merveilles”.

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