Simulating the Universe on a Supercomputer

(T) Stanford University’s KIPA – Kavli Institute for particle astrophysics and cosmology – had another public in-person lecture this month. The topics was “Simulating the Universe on a Supercomputer”. And, the presenter was Johannes U. Langes.

Below is the abstract and the video of the lecture:

“Astronomers run some of the largest simulations on the world’s most powerful supercomputers. These simulations trace the formation of galaxies and cosmic structures on scales of billions of light years from shortly after the Big Bang to the present day. In this talk, Dr. Lange will discuss why astronomers are running these large-scale simulations that consume petabytes of data and require millions of CPU hours. He will also speak about what these simulations have revealed about our Universe and how they have become an invaluable tool for helping us understand dark matter and dark energy.”

Note: The picture above is from the lecture.

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