Music@Menlo – The Twentieth Season: Haydn Connections

(E) Music@Menlo chamber music festival will return this year at the Menlo School campus from July 14th to August 6th, but as it was the case for the last two years, many concert performances will be also streamed. The theme of the festival this year, “Haydn Connections”, will explore the chamber music of Haydn “whose legacy has changed the course of western classical music over the past two centuries.

The symphony, string quartet, and piano trio were created and perfected by this modest, hardworking servant of the Esterházy family, working largely in isolation in remote northwest Hungary. Somehow chronically overshadowed throughout the annals of chamber music history, Joseph Haydn was the composer of 45 piano trios, 68 string quartets, in addition to his 104 symphonies!

Haydn’s influence was monumental, and most of the music subsequently written by titans such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, and others, is constructed on Haydn’s models. Beyond these gifts to composers though, is a musical legacy of eternally fresh and joyful works. Filled with witty surprises, daring, excitement, and quintessentially Viennese elegance, Haydn’s music is an immortal and uplifting tribute to the best of the human spirit.”

So please go and enjoy the music of Haydn at Music at Menlo!

All the concerts of the festival can be found in the festival brochure.

Note: The picture above is from Music@Menlo’s visual artist Simon Bull.

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