Although there are many resources available on the Web about entrepreneurship, following are a few good ones that I would recommend to study:

Articles about Entrepreneurship:

  •  The creative mind, A Silicon Valley Insider

  •  The creative team, A Silicon Valley Insider

  •  When technology kills technology, A Silicon Valley Insider

  •  A new disruptive technology signals market value destruction and creation, A Silicon Valley Insider

  •  Entrepreneurship Europe versus Silicon Valley, A Silicon Valley Insider

Essays and Blogs about Entrepreneurship:

Videos and Podcasts about Entrepreneurship:

Books about Entrepreneurship & Innovation:

  •  Entrepreneuring, Steven C. Brandt, Addison-Wesley

  •  Intrapreneuring, Gifford Pinchot III, Perennial Library

  •  Start-Up, Jerry Kaplan, Houghton Mifflin

  •  Founders at Work, Jessica Livingston, Apress

  •  Champions of Silicon Valley, Charles G. Sigismund, Wiley

  •  High-Tech Ventures, C. Gordon Bell, Addison-Wesley

  •  The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen, HarperBusiness

  •  Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Peter F. Drucker, Perennial Library

School of Engineering and Business Schools’ Entrepreneurship Programs:

In addition…two good videos that I particularly like:

Combining the idea and the skills – Chris Dixon from Andreessen Horowitz: 



Being an entrepreneur – Elon Musk at ECorner @ Stanford, 10 years ago:



Being an entrepreneur – Jessica Mah, cofounder of inDinero:



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