Environment & Sustainability

The rising world population, ever-growing demands of goods and services, destruction of the earth ecosystems and resources and climate change are the four major challenges for our global human society for 2010 and beyond. The sooner we face the reality of every one of those four challenges, the sooner we take the path to commit to their solutions. And, the sooner the human civilization can continue to flourish but definitely not in the same way.

Since the industrial revolution at the beginning of the XIX century, our pursuit of economic growth, consumption and wealth have led us to take advantage of the Earth resources and ecosystems as if they were inexhaustible. We have depleted the Earth resources for water, food, land, wood, energy and raw materials as we did not realize that we had only ONE PLANET. And, the scale of the human activity is so overwhelming and so ubiquitous that it does not give any home for any other species on our Blue Planet. We have been harvesting the Earth resources and ecosystems at a much faster rate than they can regenerate and killing the other species at a much faster rate than they can reproduce. We have simply reached a point where the Earth cannot give us anymore what we need for our on-going well-being.

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