Raising capital, capital allocation, and investing capital are key to start and grow a technology venture. Following are a few resources to study financial markets and investing.

But if you make money, please give some back to the community, and if you are an organization, please adopt the salesforce’s model of giving 1% profits, 1% equity, 1% time back to the community. We want everyone to ride a bus in San Francisco, and everyone to be able to have an education and pay her or his mortgage.

Articles about Financial Markets and Investing:

  •  Investing Like David Swensen, A Silicon Valley Insider

  •  Investing Like Nassim Taleb, A Silicon Valley Insider

  •  Multifractal model of asset returns, A Silicon Valley Insider

  •  Multifractality of the stock market, A Silicon Valley Insider

  •  The stock market for dummiesA Silicon Valley Insider

  •  The risk of a Black Swan in your portfolio, A Silicon Valley Insider

Blog about Investing in Technology:

Books about Investing:

  •  Multifractal Volatility, Laurent Calvet & Adlai Fisher, Academic Press

  •  The (Mis) Behavior of Markets. A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward, Benoit Mandelbrot & Richard Hudson, Profile Books

  •  Fractal and Scaling in Finance, Benoit Mandelbort, W.H. Freeman

  •  The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Random House

  •  Valuation Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, Tom Copeland, Tim Koller & Jack Murrin, Willey

  •  Stocks for the Long Run, Jeremy J. Siegel, McGraw Hill

  •  The Future for Investors, Jeremy J. Siegel, Crown Business

  •  Real Money, James J. Cramer, Simon & Schuster

Books about Finance:

  • The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What it Means, George Soros, PublicAffairs

  •  The Subprime Solution, Robert J. Shiller, Princeton University Press

  •  Irrational Exuberance, Robert J. Shiller, Broadway Books

A class about Financial Markets:

 Yale’s Financial Markets class from Professor Schiller on Coursera

A lot of the content of this class is as well available on YouTube:



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